My name is Rafel Ballester Coll and my Dramatis Personae (Alter Ego) is Aumantis a Daemon in the purest Socratic style with whom I usually have my inner dialogue. I was born in the late autumn of 1988 in a village of about 70 inhabitants in the center of the island of Mallorca, Spain. And I grew up under the auspices of a humanistic and Theosophical education to which I owe my life.

Trained in History and Art History at the “Universitat Oberta de Catalunya”, I have spent most of my life investigating the intermediate world, that part of reality that for lack of better adjectives has been called "the esoteric". I have worked a lot on this topic, both academically and experientially, and it is precisely in this part of my experience that I have decided to share this space with you. A space in which to reflect through Art, through the Mundus Imaginalis (the dimension that links the intelligible and the sensible). On the one hand, to discover myself on the way, and on the other hand to help you to approach the great miracle of which Hermes Trismegistus spoke when he said: "Great miracle, O Asclepius, is human...".

The artistic experience that I propose is not detached from its technical reproducibility, for me there is no idyllic model or a preferable format, because on the one hand I know how to appreciate the symbol that is able to capture a photograph, the alchemical syntax of a collage and the unconscious message of a painting. In my collections you will find them all, the difficult thing, and this is my work as an artist, is to make them understandable...

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